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live stream on 22th of Dec, 2020

live stream on 22th of Dec, 2020

On December 21 and 22, 2020, we broadcast live on Alibaba's official website and Facebook's public homepage (XiangHe Inflatable Products Factory) respectively.


In the Alibaba live broadcast, we first introduced our host lady Gaily to everyone, and then our manager and our host Gaily took everyone into Xianghe Inflatable Products Factory. Host Gaily introduces the materials used to manufacture the products every time they introduce a product. After introducing the materials, we received messages from customers, because customers knew our materials were flame-retardant, non-slip, wear-resistant and other high-quality materials. Some customers transfered the funds directly after learned the details, and some regular customers directly posted product pictures and then transfered the funds with the address. The live broadcast of the day was as high as 2,600 people and 17,895 likes. The number of orders placed on that day reached 53. It was completely unexpected.


During the live broadcast on Facebook the next day, we changed the method. We added a handsome host Coast chen. During the live broadcast that day, Coast Chen and Gaily introduced some inflatable products, and at the same time, some customers commented. The district commented that if you want to see the car cover, our custom services promptly passed the information to the front desk staffs, and show the products to the guests on site.

We were responsive to guests, but due to the limited space in the live broadcast room, many of our large castles had not been shown to you. You can follow our facebook public homepage: or log in to advisory. If you have any products you want to know about and please contact our customer service to leave a message! We will collect your suggestions and product lists and try our best to introduce them to you in the next live broadcast to satisfy everyone.