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Inflatable Dome Building
Inflatable Dome Building Inflatable Dome Building Inflatable Dome Building

Inflatable Dome Building

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Inflatable Dome Building

10m dome is the smallest structure in the dome family. This dome is ideal for small corporate events dividing outside areas into small conference, product launch or even party spaces.

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Inflatable Dome Building

inflatable dome building

inflatable dome

inflatable tent for event

If you’re looking to increase the exposure of your brand or bring your marketing game to the next level, it might be time to consider throwing a branded pop-up event. Whether your business has been thriving for 50 years or is just getting off the ground, branded events help to increase product awareness, as a means to entice further funding or financial backers, and transforming your branding from a flat, two-dimensional concept to an experience your customers can engage with and enjoy.

inflatable dome tent

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Do you need to be under a certain height? Are you looking for custom artwork branding? We are China factory and can modify product dimensions, colors, and artwork to better suit your needs. Give us a email/call to discuss your needs and pricing.

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