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20m Inflatable Dome Tent
20m Inflatable Dome Tent 20m Inflatable Dome Tent 20m Inflatable Dome Tent 20m Inflatable Dome Tent 20m Inflatable Dome Tent

20m Inflatable Dome Tent

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20m Inflatable Dome Tent

Even at such a large size, setup can be achieved in only 2 hours as opposed to tenting or marquees of similar size.

Available in white/grey these structures can also be custom branded.

At this size, complete package solutions are also available for those who require either Lighting, Branding, Flooring or Trussing additions.

Product Description

20m Inflatable Dome Tent

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The structure can cover any event. A wide span 8.7m high roof delivers a 20m diameter with a usable floor space that is perfect for gigs, parties, conferences and product launches. 

This  20m dome offers greatly improved performance through extensive design and engineering. The structure can withstand wind speeds and gusts of up to 55mph therefore ensuring your event is not effected at anytime of the year.

Ideal for large corporate events, festivals, product launches, parties, weddings or any large event requiring a unique temporary outdoor or indoor event space. 

20m Inflatable Dome Tent

Need to customize your inflatable?

Do you need to be under a certain height? Are you looking for custom artwork branding? We are China factory and can modify product dimensions, colors, and artwork to better suit your needs. Give us a email/call to discuss your needs and pricing.

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