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Inflatable Domes

Inflatable Domes

Our Range of Inflatable Domes are a great way to offer any event a unique and fresh approach to your temporary structure needs.

The entire dome range has a beautiful architectural design and our range of Inflatable Domes offer many benefits over conventional marquee’s: 

Rapid Install and De-rig times

Easy to transport

Insulation properties for temperature control

Insulated wall cavities mean better acoustics and less sound bleed

Complete clear and open plan space

We offer a range of Inflatable Domes from 6 meters right up the fluid scarab which is 24m x 48m and capable of holding 700 dining or 900 seated theatre style. All the dome range is 55MPH wind rated, have our integrated sealed air-beam system in, are completely waterproof and always installed by our Safe Contractor approved team.

Some Uses for our Inflatable Domes

The Inflatable Dome range is perfect for enhancing any events. Below we list just some of the uses:-

Creating a soundproof conference space on a show floor from an audience capacity from 20 to 900 people.

Creating a Training or demo zone within a large exhibition

Product Launch or promotional Event in any location

Temporary Structure to house your corporate event or party

100% Custom Made